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Website Instructions :

When you click on the login tab, you will end up on the Shopzio website. You will need to register here in order to access our website. Access to Shopzio is granted as soon as you enter your info. 

Once you have finished the registration and receive notification that you have been granted access to Shopzio, you then enter the Shopzio site and look for our Logo. Click on the logo and you get a message that Nach needs to grant you access to the Nach website. You do not need to register or enter your information again. We will get back to you with an email message that confirms your access within 24 hours. We have to make sure you are a qualified retailer before we give you access. 

Once you have received our notification by email that you have been granted access, please click on our logo on the Shopzio site and enter. When you enter the site you will see all the categories for our products on the first page. 

 The website is very much the same as a standard shopping site; however, what is special about the site is the Flipbooks section where our actual catalogs appear. The catalogs are all tagged so if you click on any product image you will get a shopping cart for that product. To go to Flipbooks and click on the tab “North American Country Home” on the top of the site. You will see a dropdown menu for the all the categories as well as Flipbooks. Click on Flipbooks and when you are in, select any catalog. When inside a catalog, click on the red arrow at the end of each page to get to the next page. If you click on any product image you will get the shopping cart as long as that product is available for sale. 

 The rest of the website operation is very basic; if you would like to learn it in detail please go to this YouTube link:

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